Tuesday, March 29, 2011

will you still love me tomorrow....??

My self-confidence has been at an all time low. I miss my more slender self. My clothes fit and looked better. My stomach did not hang over my pants; I did not have a muffin top. Now all I can focus on is my stomach in my clothes hanging out. I have to wear higher waisted pants to try and cover it up. This is not a cute look, AT ALL. Anyone who knows me knows that I love shopping. I love window shopping and I also love actually shopping. I am so excited to have my sister visit so we can shop together later this week... Buuut, in my mind I'm thinking, oh I can't wait to get new accessories. I mean, I do love my accessories, but I don't even want to say, I can't wait to get new this or new that. Maybe some earrings and a scarf? Really? Earrings and a scarf? Who am I? Christopher says that from when I was heavier before I have all this extra skin, so gross, but so true. Yet, now, my body is starting to fill that extra skin back up with who knows what. I have these beautiful shoulders, but that's about it. This is a terrible post and I hope that nobody ever has to read it. It makes me so unhappy. :( :/

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