Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why Being a 25 year old girl in 2012 is embarrassing...

Here are FIVE reasons why I feel embarrassed every time I have youthful flashbacks (and I've been having them a lot lately, quarter life crisis anyone?)

Backstreet Boys

Hands down my favorite.  
I know the words to ALL their songs.  
I had their photos (particularly, Nick's, second from right) plastered all over my bedroom walls.
I saw them in concert in junior high and about died.  
I still have the ugly t-shirt to prove it.  

98 Degrees

Um, seriously?  What are they wearing?  
I saw them before they were super famous and really liked them.  
And then Nick married Jessica; and they had a silly reality show.  Drew won Dancing with the Stars.  Jeff and Justin, who are they?  

Since I was obsessed with BSB, it was not in my nature to be into them.  
My sister was though, it was a battle.  
I think I won the battle, we saw BSB and not 'N Sync.
But Justin, call me and ditch Jessica, because, you are hot and funny.

I don't know what's more embarrassing, that I liked them and had their CD, or that you probably don't even know who they are.  They're from England.  Somehow only the Spice Girls managed to make it big here.  

"Summer Girls" is still one of my favorite summer jams (I'm partially kidding, partially not).  
RIP Rich Cronin, that is actually sad.

I might, or might not have listened to some of these guys' songs while writing this post.  

Friday, June 29, 2012


Linkin' Up:

Dear Summer:  Thanks for coming.  Sunshine, warm weather, and fresh air with little to no humidity, I like.  

Dear July:  Thanks for having some amazing things.
- 4th of July:  One of my favorite holidays.  I love wearing red, white, and blue; I'm proud to be an American; and it just SCREAMS summer.  
- Vacation:  I need a week off, of nothing but relaxing and catching some rays.  

- My half birthday:  Because I live in "Alice in Wonderland," and celebrate everyday as my "un"birthday.  That also means I'm on the side of 25 that is closer to 26 than 24, yikes.   

Dear Oven in my Apartment:  Please DO NOT catch on fire again.  It would be greatly appreciated.  

Dear dad and mom:  Thanks for the cute stuff from NY and the magazines so I don't have to buy them since I'm cheap.  

Dear Blackberry:  I'm sorry that everyone is upgrading to an Iphone.  You and I will still be best buds, until December, that is.  

Dear Little Big Town:  Thank you for recording "Pontoon" it will be my summer jam.  As I'm sure it will be everyone else's.  Now if I could only find myself a boat...  Also, I've always wanted Kimberly's hair.  Just sayin'.  Seriously, I can't get enough of it.  

Dear Magic Mike:  I really want to see you.  I need a BFF down here ASAP to go with me.  

Happy Weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

After seeing John Mayer's new CD cover, I had a momentary lapse in judgment about him.  
And then I remembered this song and saw this video and was reacquainted with his stone cold foxiness.
Raspy voice?  Check.  Mad, bluesy guitar skills?  Check.  Floppy hair?  Check.  
Lose the awkward facial expressions and we have a winner.  

I COMPLETELY forgot how much I love him.
Yeah, I'm definitely over the whole Channing Tatum and Liam Hemsworth thing.

I'll take Mr.Mayer ANYDAY. 

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Update

Not a lot of photos, but I'm trying to get better, bear with me.

After work: Chipotle vegetarian burrito bowl (oh so yummy!)
Watching Tommy Boy:  laughing my butt off - love this movie!
Sleeping:  I got like no sleep this week, so trying to catch up?

The usual:  Gym, gym, gym.  Love, love, love.
Afternoon:  Shopping, followed by a leisurely iced Americano w/ 1 pump sugar free vanilla and my new book.
I really enjoyed it.
Pizza for dinner, which I also enjoyed but I kind of regret that decision...  

Church, as always.  See my previous post that didn't post until just now.  
I spilled all the stevia out of the box when I went in for some licorice.
Maybe I shouldn't have had the licorice?  
I am exhausted.  

I did spend my weekend listening to this Pandora station (Jack Johnson): 

Love it.  
It played John Mayer's version of "Free Fallin'" and I LOVE it. 
I can't get enough. 

I also didn't wash my hair this morning! 
Gasp, I braided my bangs, threw it back in this crazy messy bun, braided thing and really loved it.  
I like to dress like it's 4th of July everyday.  
"You look like the Fourth of July.  It makes me want a hot dog real bad." 
(Paulette from Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde)

I'm hopeful for a great week and I hope you all have one too!  

Spiritual Sunday

I think I need to get myself back into my "Spiritual Sunday" posts.  
I try to be diligent in following my church's GPS guide during the week, but since it is such a large portion of my life, I want to share some of it with the blog world.  You're welcome to skip this if it isn't your thang, (and yes I said thang) but if it is, then I hope you enjoy it.  

Today's lesson, and the week in our GPS was about Psalm 8, and I really liked it.  It is simply about praising    the majesty of God.  

"Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth." - Psalm 8:1a

The beach in San Diego. 
The crashing waves, the never ending horizon line, the sea spray, the sunshine.

It isn't always about us.
A moose in its habitat in Idaho.

Mt. Shasta and all the trees.  
Although I love the beach, this is such a beautiful sight.
In comparison to the ocean, its like the highest, and the horizon on the ocean is the widest and deepest.

A waterfall.
It keeps flowing and flowing as long as it snows, rains, and ice melts.
It is ever flowing and everlasting.
Just like God's majesty and His love for us.  

God made all these things with a direct purpose in life, just like we all have a purpose in this life.  

Spend some time outside this week and enjoy and praise God for all He has created for us.

**All pictures, except the beach, courtesy of my sister**

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

And down the rabbit hole.
That's kind of how I feel about things today.  
Let's start with an oxymoron to say the least:
- Dumpster diving while driving a pretty new Mercedes.  Makes perfect sense, right?  

Next up:
- White, family, driving geeky bright blue car, with a vanity license plate bearing the word "THUGZ" 
I don't even know what to make of that?  Clearly my idea for BabyBnz is cool too?  

Third, and hopefully I won't have to edit this later for more:
- Homeless man walks into Starbucks, I assume to use the restroom.  I don't really pay much attention to anything because I'm happily enjoying my Americano and my book.  I then see him out the window again, nice and clean with SOPPING WET HAIR.  He bathed in the Starbucks sink?  So gross.

Just call me Alice today.  

I'm mildly obsessed with my cropped, purple skinnies.  
I wish it was acceptable to wear the same pants every. single. day.
I know it is frowned upon because my coworkers and I were discussing laundry.
I live in an apartment, I only do laundry once every other week, or two, or so depending when I run out of clean underwear and workout clothes.  
Apparently that makes my choices in everyday attire questionable because how can I have that many clothes?  
First off, I do, but most importantly, do you really need to wash everything, every time you wear it?  
NO.  Jeans get better with time, like a fine wine.  
I'm also usually wearing 2 -5 shirts at one time, so the top one is almost always clean, unless I spill on it.  
Please tell me I am NOT the only one that does this?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Brain and Body:  Let me take a nap and get some sleep.  I was so tired today.  I still am.

Dear Golden Spoon:  You're only 1/2 a mile away and you're still feeling too far for me to walk to.

Dear ABC Family TV Shows (Melissa and Joey and  Baby Daddy):  Thank you for making me laugh.

Dear San Diego weather:  Please stay and get warm.  It is summer after all.

Dear Summer:  You're my favorite time of year.  I feel lemonade, watermelon, and grilled food coming on.

Dear Christian Grey:  We're all still obsessed with you.  It is all we (and by we I mostly mean me) think about.

Dear Hair:  Thanks for being super long and healthy.  I love it.  Keep up the good work.

Dear Little Sister:  Thanks for coming back from Idaho.  Being unable to text you a million times a day for four days was much more difficult than I would have remembered.  (Even if you spent all summer there last year and I managed to survive).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Excuse Me

You know how they say if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all?  
For some reason I've been spitting venom as of late.  
Yes, I might be worse than Nagini (and if you don't get my reference to this maybe I should send some your way, just kidding - it is Voldemort's big giant snake in Harry Potter).  
That's really beside the point; I've been saying nice things that are laced with hatred; I've been rude and more obnoxious than usual (I'm obnoxious in a cute, bratty way, normally); I've been a complainer and I've been coming up with excuses FOR EVERYTHING.  I'm too tired, I'm too hungry, I didn't do this, I did do that, I woke up late, I forgot because I'm so busy, blah blah blah.  
I'm not into what's cool, but as Ke$ha would say, "this place about to blow."  
If I was a teapot, I'd be steaming and screaming so loud you'd throw me out the window.  
I mean, I exercise almost everyday, and sure we all have bad days at work, but I should have so many endorphins flowing through me that I should be burping up sparkles.  
I haven't been able to sleep, and when I do it is fitfully and not well.  I stay up way too late, for no reason.  
Please excuse me while I rant and rave about nothing and make awful analogies and quote from movies, etc.  

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?
1.  Nice things laced with hatred?  I say things and patronize people to watch them squirm under my "niceties" that clearly are not nice.  It makes me angry and sick because I am not a mean person.  I am not mean spirited.  I am too compassionate sometimes for my own good.  So, how could I be acting this week? I hate people I've never even met because they happened to look at me.  Seriously?  Who do I even think I am?  I'm not a princess and I'm not the president.  

2.  Rude and more obnoxious?  Yes, I know, that sounds bizarre.  But I don't let people talk.  I cut them off.  I make everything about me.  I'm irritating, on purpose.  I try to rub people the wrong way.  It is almost like I want people to hate me.  Eew, this makes me want to throw up.  

3.  Complaining and excuses?  I didn't call you/text you/email you/follow up/do what I was asked to because I have 3,958,230,414 other things to do.  Take a number, please.  And now here I am complaining about all of it.  

Seriously?  Why hasn't anyone slapped me yet?  Is this for real?  Am I living in some alternate world where people expect me to be this way?  I don't talk to people and when I do it isn't because I want to, it is because I have to.  I can't even begin to describe the disdain and irritation that I feel on a daily basis with EVERYONE that crosses my path.  

And then I remember one thing, well a few things, actually.  

1.  If God brings you to it, he'll bring you through it.  

2.  God never gives you anything you can't handle.

3.  I saw this today on Facebook, but can't find it to pin, and can't pin from Facebook, so here it is typed:  "The phrase, 'Do Not Be Afraid,' is written in the Bible 365 times.  That's a daily reminder from God to live everyday FEARLESS."  

4.  This song:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>iframe>

The quality of the sound could be better, but I assume you get the picture, or the sound.  

So, if was rude to you, made you mad, upset you, hurt you, or overall just wasn't very friendly or happy with you at all today, please forgive me.  

Monday, June 18, 2012


This is how yesterday was spent, kind of.
The beach was crowded, well the side where the ocean was.  
So, the bayside it was.  

Don't be fooled, it was breezy and I didn't stay long.
You'd be amazed how 15 miles inland can gain almost 15 degrees in temperature.
The sun was out, so that was nice.  

I just started this book:

I have really high hopes for it.
I just don't like how gigantic it is.  
It is kind of hard to hold, but so far I love it.

And this is me, being obnoxious, in case you forgot what I look like.
I hope you all had a great weekend!
I hope you called, hugged, sent a card, went to dinner, or did something for your dad, or the man who was like your dad (in case he is not in your life).  

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Father's Day to the best dad, ever!

My dad is the best, sorry if you feel that way about yours, but without a doubt my dad is the best.  

He took me fishing with him in his raft.

I was his first born, so I know I hold a special place in his heart.
He taught me how to make it on my own.
I can fix some things and know how to change other things (clogged toilets, clogged garbage disposals, and drains; hearing different clinks in my car, and helping unstick my radiator).

He also taught me how to do well in school.
And how to stay calm  under pressure.  

This is us more recently.  
We both are very similar in our mannerisms, actions, and ways of speaking.  
I think I take after him more than I would expect (except I don't smoke cigars or like fishing).  

Happy Father's Day to everyone and their fathers.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters


It's letter time.  

Dear Me, Myself, and I:  Get it together with this blog thing.  I sit all day at work with idea after idea and then when I come home, I've got nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Write it down!  I write everything else down, why I don't write down blog inspiration gets me.  

Dear Closet:  Ugh, help a sista out and make my clothes more exciting.  Oh, and remind me to take photos more than once a week.  I wore this on Tuesday, I think.  

cardigan:  Old Navy / tank:  Caslon via Nordstrom Rack / jeans: Old Navy / scarf: Forever 21 / sandals:  Marshall's

Dear Pistol Annies:  Thank you for being the theme song singers to my life. 

Dear Abs of Steel:  Please come out from hiding under your winter blanket.  Bathing suit season is here.  I know you're there, you're the only thing that hasn't caught up.  Let's make that happen.  

Dear coconut cream coffee:  Thanks for helping me start my mornings right.  Actually, you might be my favorite part of the day.  Or a close second to my gym time.  

Dear Luke Bryan:  Stay hot.  (I don't really need to elaborate on this, but I have the biggest crush on him - curses for him being married).  

By the way, "Drunk On You" is my current favorite song.  

Dear Life (let's be a little more real 'round here):  Let's get everything together.  How's that?

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Time

I know we all have our summer must haves.  
Some of them vary from day to day for what we are doing this summer.  

1.  Big sunglasses.  Preferably in black, but brown will do.  I'm on a mission for finding this summer's pair.  I usually take pretty good care of them, so I can buy cheapie ones.  

2.  Cute dresses as seen above and below.  I actually have the blue striped one, and let me tell you, it is much cuter on me.  

3.  Cute shoes.  I need the wedges above.  I don't have any neutral colored wedges.  I love my neutral flat sandals.  Fancier than flip flops, but still casual and cute.  

4.  Good tunes.  Right now these are going to be my summer playlist:
- "Drunk on You" - Luke Bryan
- "Fly Over States" - Jason Aldean
- "Right Through You" - Alanis Morrissette
- "Good Girl" - Carrie Underwood
- "Somethin' Bout a Truck" - Kip Moore
- "Springsteen" & "Drink in My Hand" - Eric Church
- "Mr. Know It All" - Kelly Clarkson
- "Doin' Time" & "Santeria" - Sublilme
5.  Water.  I also have this tumbler, which I love.  It keeps things very cold.  

6.  Cute swim suits.  I have the purple one on the bottom, but I think I want to go find this orange one, I like the top, it looks really cute, but very supportive.  

7.  Cute shorts and tops: I  have the blue top and would love to find some cute shorts.  Perfect for the beach, a bbq, or a casual restaurant.  

8.  Hats.  I love hats, and right now I am loving huge floppy, brimmed hats.  They cover your face, but also look so cute.  I tan easily, and burn moderately easily, and although I don't have super light hair and eyes, I don't want to get skin cancer.  
9.  Watermelon.  My favorite summer fruit.  It always reminds me of summer.  Yum.  

 Those are my summer essentials.  I'm sure some of yours are like mine, but you might have some of your own.  Enjoy your weekend!  

Swimsuits:  Old Navy / Dresses, shorts, sunglasses, hat, and flat sandals:  Forever 21 / Wedge shoes:  Charlotte Russe / Blue top: H&M / Tumbler:  Peet's Coffee

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Too Many Thoughts for a Thursday

We all have things we're good at, and things we're not good at.  
Turns out, I'm good at lifting weights and working out.
I'm also good at spelling and reading quickly.
I'm good at bargain shopping.

Things I'm not very good at

Cooking as seen below:

Last week's steak turned out great, this week's was burnt to a crisp.
I like steak that I cook well done and that restaurants cook, medium-well.
When I went to check the steak, it was still bleeding so I figured it needed quite a few more minutes.  
Obviously, I was incorrect.  

I can, however, cook Mexican food.  
It is my specialty.  Enchiladas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc.  I'm good at that, in fact the dinner I made earlier in the week turned out great (it was tacos).  

Things I'm loving right now.  

I've always loved it, but I love that Nickelodeon plays reruns all night long.  I can't get enough.  

I don't know if I have a favorite character or not.  
Although, I've always been drawn towards Rachel and Chandler.  
I think I'm a good combination of them, with a small control freak aspect of Monica (very minimal).  

Panera Bread's Power Breakfast Sandwich.
Egg, cheddar cheese, and ham on toasted whole grain bread.  

These maniacal muscles that are growing on my body.
I didn't think I'd ever see the day where there was definition, and now I have lots.  

Happy Weekend, y'all.  

Channeling my inner Paula Deen