The cast in this story called my life (other than me):

This is my dad and mom.
Formally known as Bret and Chris.
Informally known as Poppa Benz and Momma Benz.
My dad likes to fish, smoke cigars, play golf, listen to country music and watch racing on tv.
My mom likes to shop, read, play golf, and watch reality tv.  

This is my little sister, Danielle.  
Informally she is Dani Benz.  
I won't embarrass her with the family nickname.  
She likes to shop, read, watch reality tv, and golf.  Country music is growing on her.  

By the way, she is also a college graduate, just like me.   

And this is her boyfriend Marc.  
He likes to fix computers, play computers, and do anything on computers.  

This is Lucie.  Sometimes we call her my sister.  
She's rather old and really only enjoys to sleep and bark, sometimes.
She only likes my mom to pet her, most of the time, and always follows her around.  
Sometimes, she gets huge bursts of energy and you wonder if she swallowed some crazy pills.  
She's a miniature schnauzer and the mother of the last and final family member.  

This is Ricky.  Sometimes we call him my brother.
He likes to be annoying, fit into very small spaces that he can't get out of, bark all the time, and eat lots of dog biscuits.  He also likes his chest and stomach rubbed, particularly if you use your feet.  
He's very weird.  

These people are the main cast in this thing called life.  
They really are the most important.  

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