Friday, January 28, 2011

veggies for tan skin?

I read this article from Shape Magazine online today, view article here -->

It basically says that certain vegetables can help give you a more tan appearance without evening having to go out in the sun. I'm somewhat skeptical, but I can kind of see the logic. It says beta-carotene in spinach, alpha-carotene in carrots, and lycopene in tomatoes can help. Now, I'm definitely up for the try and I love fruits and veggies but then I think back to my childhood and somewhat wonder... My sister is definitely not a veggie lover and she has always been very pale. I however, am a veggie lover, and I tend to have slightly darker skin. Now, could it be that I inherited more Mexican genes than her, of course, but let's say its the veggies. Anyway, it is definitely worth a try because who probably doesn't need more produce in her life? I rest my case.

Maybe along with my normal notation of my healthy progression to a better weight and size, I can try to make a comparison with my skin's appearance. Although, things would be skewed because I live in San Diego, I run outside, and only wear sunscreen on my face (I know, SO BAD FOR ME!)

Carrots, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Here I come.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

mad about plaid, among other things

I know that plaid shirts have been quite fashionable as of late, and realistically, I don't have a problem with them. However, when has it EVER been considered fashionable to wear it every single day. I'm not just talking girls, I'm talking boys and girls; men and women? I mean, yes, I have two plaid shirts in my closet, but they rarely make my weekly outfit rotation. They're more for comfort, not for actually trying to look attractive. I've been wondering that. Unless you're a farmer, you probably don't need to be wearing plaid every day.

I signed up for a radio stations FREEbies thing to try and win tickets to stuff and other prizes. I'd really like to go see Tim McGraw with Luke Bryan and the Band Perry. However, I'm not at all sure if that will be a reality. Oh, and I want to go see Taylor Swift, but once again, that may not become a reality either.

I have some of the best coworkers ever! They threw me a birthday bash fit for a princess (yes, that's me). Nachos and carrot cake, yum-o. I just need my Red Velvet Cake for the weekend, my free meal at Cafe Coyote and anything else that strikes my fancy. Not that I'm a spoiled little girl or anything... Okay, I am, I really truly am. But I really like to think of it more as a blessing. I am so thankful for all the opportunities and the blessings God has bestowed upon me. There are so many less fortunate people out there who really need things more than me. Which is why....

I'm participating in the Relay for Life this year with my coworkers. "Justice for the Cure" we will be and we will be great at it. Walking is my middle name so I think it'll be fun. Not to mention it is for a good cause. I know I can raise $50. And I also might give my time to the Women's Resource Fair. It supports battered women and children. As well as those who are homeless. At a minimum I can donate items. Sometimes it is better to give than receive and as someone who wants/wanted to be a teacher, children hold a special place in my heart. They do not ask to be born into poverty, or bad families. They don't asked to be beat, raped, killed, or to have no clean clothes.

So, from being selfish to selfless. All in all, I'm a very happy, positive little lady. Or as Chris would call me, a little Tatey.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hope you'll understand... that I was born a ramblin' man

So, I thought this would be slightly more enjoyable by not being in paragraph form. Just to break it up a little bit. Rand bits of thoughts:

  • I had completely forgotten about "Lost & Found" the band and therefore HAD to play "The Lutherans Song" for Chris. Needless to say, I'm not the only cool Lutheran out there.
  • That then, had me thinking about the shirts that say "You might be a Lutheran if..." and my favorite is, "You might be a Lutheran if... when you're watching 'Star Wars' and they say, 'May the force be with you,' and you respond with, 'and also with you.'"
  • My workouts have been working, I've definitely got a little bit more tone in my legs. Thanks to all that running/walking. I can't wait to get back to where I was. Woo hoo!
  • My birthday is coming up, which means tomorrow I get to have a nacho party and cake at work. Yum-o!!!!
  • I'm pretty tired these days, finally. I'm back to my normal sleeping schedule. It feels so good.
  • I always wonder if Diet Coke runs through my veins and not water. If I ever start bleeding carbonated soda, I should really watch out.
  • San Diego is the greatest place I can ever say I lived. Who really needs winter and snow and cold? Not me. I can't imagine not being able to go run outside close to every day of the year. I mean, who can get a tan in January from running outside? Yeah, that's right I can.
  • We've been watching Mexican tv shows on mute because we haven't changed the channel in 2 hours. We are much weirder than I thought. It is mildly entertaining to try to guess what they're saying, but I think I'm going to have to go read or something, or sleep. I am a morning person, but I certainly need my beauty sleep.
  • I'm tired of my supervisor constantly telling us that we have to be on time to work, but then saying it's ok if you can't help it and be late. That does not mean that you get to be late everyday because its ok. It should be, if you're late, she won't dock you any time, but you should be there on time and ready to work. Especially those who do not have any excuses (children, cars, transportation, etc. etc.). That's my one rant for today.
  • Blogging has been kind of fun and I'm pretty bummed that I didn't have the opportunity yesterday. However, this one has finally come to an end. My muscles are tight, yet relaxed; I am relaxed and drowsy from my shower; and my allergy medicine, book, and pillow are calling my name.
Good Night! :]

Monday, January 24, 2011

We are Family

I've got all my sisters with me.

I really enjoy looking at my family tree and just seeing different things that were passed down. Some families are so distinctly one ethnicity/religion that you can see nothing but that through them. Some people pass on the same names over and over. Others do so much more. Some people look the same generation after generation. I just love seeing it.

I don't have much to say today other than: CHRIS GOT A JOB! Woo hoo!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today is the Day

I'm casting my cares aside
I'm leaving my past behind
I'm setting my heart and mind on you

I'm reaching my hand to yours
Believing there's so much more
Knowing that all you have in store for me is good
Is good

Today is the day, You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
Today is the day, You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it

And I won't worry about tomorrow
I'm trusting in what You say
Today is the day

I'm putting my fears aside
I'm leaving my doubts behind
I'm giving my hopes and dreams to you

I'm reaching my hands to yours
Believing there's so much more
Knowing that all you have in store for me is good
Is good

Today is the day, You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
Today is the day, You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it

And I won't worry about tomorrow
I'm trusting in what You say
Today is the day

And I will stand upon Your truth
I will stand upon Your truth
And all my days I'll live for You
All my days I'll live for You

Today is the day, You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
Today is the day, You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it

And I won't worry about tomorrow
I'm giving You my fears and sorrows
Where You lead me I will follow
I'm trusting in what You say
Today is the day

- Lincoln Brewster -

This is my song for the day. Which can be quite fitting, considering it is called, "Today is the Day." I really need to take my focus off of silly little things and open my eyes, my mind, my soul, and my heart back up to Jesus. I just need to refocus my life again.

The message in church today was about Connecting. Christ Lutheran is big about their connection groups, which I do think are very important. There's nothing like fellowship and exploring the Bible with other people. Even having a group of people to pray and bounce ideas around with is very important. Yet, I do think, that they aren't catering to all people in their congregation. I know that it can be pretty difficult to do that, having the time, resources and people, but it is important. I would fit best into the "Young Adults" Bible Study, but I also don't know if 18-30 year olds will have similar ideas, thoughts, and interests. Not to mention, it should be on Sunday mornings. I can't make a 6 pm Bible Study. It is not possible.

Friday, January 21, 2011

its the weekend

I'm definitely not a night owl. In fact, I could have probably gone to sleep like 2 hours ago. But weekends are my favorite. Not just because I don't have to work, but because I cherish them more than I ever knew I would. While living in Maryland, I had to work the weekends. So, Chris and I rarely spent a lot of time together. He worked all week and I worked all weekend. It was not a pleasant experience. Working 10 to 8 on Saturdays, I can't tell you how many times I saw couples come into the furniture store and I was jealous. And I hate being jealous, its such an ugly way to be. I just wanted to be able to go places with him, even if it was just the park or somewhere silly. But now, we can do that. So, on Friday and Saturday nights I try to stay up as late as I can so we can spend the most time together. He's a night owl, I'm a morning person. I love my Cwispy so much. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I think back to when I first got his message no MySpace and wonder, what if I had ignored it? What would my life have been like? Its kind of a crazy/scary thought actually. I don't even know. Maybe our paths would have crossed somehow anyway, or maybe not. I don't really know. He really is the best. He's my favorite person. My best friend. My knight in shining armor. My prince charming. And I am so blessed to have him.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bucket O'Knowledge

Sometimes when I'm at work or talking to anyone for that matter, I feel as though I am a walking "bucket o' knowledge." I do find that this is great, I love being able to spout off facts and just make people think about things. Yet, sometimes, I wonder if people think I'm crazy or a know it all. Its just how I am. I know that I'm intelligent, not a genius, but smart enough to read things, retain most of the information, and apply it to everyday life. You might think, well everyone can do that. Well, that's true, but I can spout information about so many different things. Some things that I have never experienced, but that I've read so much on. I don't really know how important this knowledge is for me, or if anyone even actually cares about it. But for now, I really enjoy being a walking bucket o' knowledge. Of course I have the history/geography knowledge down (I was a history major after all) but I even have random science, medical, music, sports etc. knowledge. Sometimes words come out of my mouth and I even think, "how do you know this? Will they even believe you? Are you sure? Why would anyone care?" Then I realize, I don't care what people think of me and so be it if I'm more intelligent than you or if I'm able to show it. Everyone should share the knowledge they have for the good of the people around them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Wednesdays. I can't decide if I loathe them or if I'm indecisive about them. They are in the middle of the week, which means, the week is almost over BUT you still have a couple days left. This week of healthy eating has been going well. Chicken and asparagus. So delicious! :] Now my teeth are flossed and brushed, and I'm ready to hit the hay.

I was just sitting here looking at stuff on teeth, and I see how potentially gross and mangled teeth can be and I wonder, why do people even let their teeth get that way. I love brushing my teeth, and I'm becoming more accustomed to flossing once a day. I was more of a few times a week, if that, kind of flosser. It takes 21 days/3 weeks for something to become a habit. I'm really working on making this flossing bit a habit. No need to have gum disease or worse, heart disease. I remember my mom going through gum surgery and I do not want that. I have pretty straight teeth. However, going to the dentist would be a really good idea because my wisdom teeth will probably have to be pulled soon or soon-ish. I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in my desk, so I should probably add floss to that. Oh and I'm also going to become a sunscreen wearer. Running in the sun (not that there was any today) is going to give me leathery skin. I already try to take very good care of my face and hair (and teeth) so now I need to add my skin to this list.

Words of Wisdom for Wednesday: Take care of your teeth (your smile is everything) and wear sunscreen (thanks Baz Lehrman - probably spelled wrong).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Line after Line after Line

What a terrible way to spend the afternoon. I waited in line at the DMV for over an hour and a half, and that was with an appointment. I can't even begin to mention how often I've read that says the state of California needs to let go of some of its workers. If you do that, these lines will double, triple, or even quadruple that length. People just don't realize the things that state workers do for them. Oh you need to go to DMV because you got married and need to change your name? Take a number and wait 5 hours. You're moving into a new house with your daughter and son, picking a new school, your lovely wife. Then you realize that Mr. Smith next door is inappropriately touching both your children. You throw a huge fit at the police saying that nobody notified me. Well, what do you expect, there was not enough man power at the Department of Justice to update the sex offender records. You find out that he has multiple convictions and that he was recently paroled. And if the AG's office had enough attorneys, he might not have even been paroled. But don't worry, none of this is important. Oh, and did I mention, now you've lost your job and you need unemployment. "Hi sir, we will get back to you in 12 months." "What am I supposed to do until then? I have a family to support." Yep, you should have thought of that before you decided to lobby for the lay off of state workers. Should I go on? You're on a road trip and one of two things happen: 1. You hit a pothole, no big deal, you keep going. The another, and another. Finally your tire bursts and you slam into the guardrail. Oops, I guess CalTrans couldn't get to that portion of the highway. Better luck next time. 2. You get rear ended and the red sports car speeds off because the CHP is taking to long to respond. You have a license plate number, but your car is toast. Well, after 4 hours, finally Mr. CHP man pulls up. That's too bad. Mr. Red Sports Car is long gone and maybe you'll never get a penny. Next time you complain about a state worker, really think about what we, yes we, do for you each and everyday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping It Real

I'm excited that Chris is with me on this healthy journey. I'm so tired, as mentioned before, of feeling just so lethargic and disgusting when I eat bad. I'm working on not only getting healthy, lean, losing some weight, building some muscle, but also working on my posture. Trying to make good, healthy habits. Less sitting, more moving. More flossing, more moisturizing, just more of it all. More sunblock! This California sun will totally dry out my skin and although the tan will be beautiful, it isn't good for me. I want to be healthy and beautiful inside and out. I want more vitamins, more water, less Diet Coke (my one and only weakness!).

Chris and I will be back to our slim selves. It might be hard, it might be no fun, but if we'll be happy, that's really all that matters. Oh and I'd like no more hip pain, please!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Take Me All the Way

This might hurt, it's not safe
But I know that I've gotta make a change
I don't care if I break,
At least I'll be feeling something
'Cause just okay is not enough
Help me fight through the nothingness of life

I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

I had never heard of this song before today and I thought to myself, what an excellent way to start a Sunday. I think it is so important for all of us. Sometimes we get up and go to church, just to do it, and put not thought into it. We don't do any more than just going to church. It spoke to me, something that happens more often than not, but this one really struck a chord. I just think that sometimes life takes over, we're always trying to work or go to school; exercise or relax; grocery shopping and running errands; and then when it comes time to spending time with God we focus only on Sunday morning. Shouldn't it be more often. We should come together and worship, we should worship in private. Part of the sermon in church today, well, a few words of it, among others, was that "Worship is private; worship is public." It makes sense, you have to strengthen your faith and worship amongst others, but also, all alone. God directed us in both ways:
"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen.
hen your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." - Matthew 6:6
"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” - Matthew 18:20

No regrets, not this time
I'm gonna let my heart defeat my mind
Let Your love make me whole
I think I'm finally feeling something
'Cause just okay is not enough
Help me fight through the nothingness of this life

'Cause I don't wanna go through the motions
I don't wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don't wanna spend my whole life asking,
"What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?"

It definitely isn't easy, and we definitely have to ask God for His strength. This song should be a jump start for Christians everywhere. It takes more than going through the motions. Going through the motions can help build a habit, but make it a better habit. Do more than just going through the motions.

"The Motions" - Matthew West


On a different note, today is/was a BEAUTIFUL day. Nothing inspires me more than the sun shining and warmth on my skin. God is so good, He has given me this beautiful day and He will give me many, many more. :]

Saturday, January 15, 2011

ole ole ole

Today was a great day! Usually I can not sit at a Mexican restaurant and not eat a mountain of food. Especially when it is Cafe Coyote in Old Town. Yet, tonight, I did something so good... I ate only about half of what I was served, maybe less, and brought the rest home. And I was full. I was just in awe, I couldn't figure it out. It felt so unusual. I am so happy. Not only that, but I have a yummy lunch for tomorrow. Its my lucky weekend.

We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. It feels soooo good. Nothing is better than having a totally clean apartment. It smells good and looks so nice. Other than this, I don't really have much to say about today and this weekend. Just a relaxing weekend after the cleaning is all done.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yes, TGIF, such a cliche, but it is a three day weekend and I could really use it. I'm exhausted. However, with this whole new work out thing, I'm going to start going to bed earlier so I get more sleep, and therefore have my old lifestyle back. It feels great.

I've made it through one week of my schedule, and I'm so sore. I love the running, love the feeling of being out of breath and then feeling my lungs fill up with oxygen and move that all through my body. It feels so great! I also love my legs for being able to carry me through it all. Sometimes when I get to my turn around point, at mile 1.5, I think, oh legs please don't disappoint me, please carry me back to the office. They always do it.

Other than it being a relatively busy Friday, I really don't have any useful tidbits to mention. Other than my excitement for the three day weekend. An extra day to relax.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

California Here We Come... Right Back Where We Started From

I've started to work out again. Brave, I know. I'm tired of my pants not fitting and feeling just so awful. I've enjoyed my running again. Its so enjoyable. And although I'm heavier than I used to be, I actually made it back to work faster than I ever did before. That's a start, right? I'm going to try and blog my feelings on this journey and everything else that comes my way. Although no posts on what I'm eating, unless I'm having an exceptionally crummy day. Then, perhaps, you'll get a taste of that. It's not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. My inspiration for today:

I used to be pretty thin. This was 2 years ago. It was the day after my 22nd birthday. Now, my 24th birthday is way too close to hope to look like this the day after, but I'd like to look like this again at the age of 24. I'm ready and willing. And after week 1, I'm feeling good. As I said before, my running is good. And I'm no longer crazy hungry. Overall, things are good. :)