Friday, March 25, 2011

time and time again

I have mentioned this time and time again, but I wholeheartedly feel that movies and tv shows were so much better from long, long ago. I love the movie, "How to Marry a Millionaire," not because it has Marilyn Monroe but because it is the perfect example of how a comedy should be. Not to mention, my favorite part of the movie, at least this version I rented, is the symphony before and after the movie. I would rather have a symphony any day over movie previews. In addition, I am in love with 1950's style. I love their hair, their clothes, the way their homes look, and lots of the music. Compared to the decade I am living in now, they were a much simpler time. And to think, most of these famous women in the world and men who starred in these great films are now all dying off if they are not already dead. Movies are not the same and I don't know if they ever will be.

I cut my heel today on one of the carts at work. It does not hurt, but it irritates me because I do not think I can wear regular shoes and go to the gym. Ugh, double ugh, and triple ugh. I'd like it to heel quickly. That would be my wish for it. Oh and for it to continue to be painless.

I gave up Diet Coke and now I'm going to be giving up aspartame and sucralose, no more fake sugar. It is time for bed now though. Good night!

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