Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Girl You're in the Middle of the Ride

This really doesn't have anything to do with anything, which also doesn't make any sense. Today is Wednesday. It is the middle of the week. This made me think of "The Middle," by Jimmy Eat World and I decided to listen/watch the music video. With that being said, I also got relatively excited about the videos that were going to come on after it. Examples: "Perfect Situtation," by Weezer; "Take Me Out," by Franz Ferdinand; and "Fat Lip," by Sum 41. It kind of made my day, actually.

Today was one of those days where when I looked in the mirror, I stared back and said, "who are you and what have you done with Lindsay?" I had no make up on and though, okay, that's normal. Yet, I almost looked sickly. It was very strange. I know my body is having reactions from the lack of Diet Coke, but today was just not a good look for me. Not to mention, I just felt so blah. Tired, its Wednesday, that just plain sucks.

On a more joyful note, I want to make Red Velvet Cake. However, I don't want to eat it all. So, I will probably refrain from making it. Maybe I wll just go get myself a piece. I read once that Heidi Klum doesn't eat dinner, she eats dessert. I could go for that. That would make my day more than the music video playlist on Yahoo!

I really enjoy Rebecca Wells' books. "Little Altars Every Where" is really exceptional. It tells such a great story, well, great probably isn't quite the word to use. I think that it was so much more common in the 50's, 60's, and 70's for parents to be alcoholics and for it to be considered okay. I think that people thought it was okay to drink and play cards and abuse their children. I know that sounds harsh, but I think it was so much more common than people want to admit. I know this books is not a true story, nor is it a memoir, but it feels so real, it has to be truthful to someone.

Finally, I want a phone where I can listen to Pandora. My Ipod is getting on my nerves. And I'm too lazy to upload new songs or change what is on my Ipod. So, I definitely need something new.

EDIT: Totally digging (music wise):
KT Tunstall
Sara Barielles
Kate Earl
Norah Jones

The End.

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