Thursday, March 3, 2011


I like Sara Bareilles' new song. I should probably buy her new CD.

However, my issue for today, (and can I ever not have an issue?!) is the disqualification from the Brigham Young University basketball team of Brandon Davies. I went to high school with a large amount of Mormons, or those who are Latter Day Saints, I'm not sure what is the proper way to call them, yet, whichever they prefer, hopefully I've mentioned it. I am not uncomfortable by them, I don't think they are "freaks" or "weird" in fact, they have a much higher strength and willpower than most to truly live in this world but not of it. However, I must make remarks on what is all over NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball.

First, Brandon Davies broke the honor code that all students sign when attending Brigham Young University (from here on out, BYU). It is a list of moral and ethical standards that the students are to live by. I would hesitate to call them rules, because that implies that someone just made them up. They are standards, high standards at that, which these students must abide by. Now, a large number of students attend BYU and it must not be that difficult to abide by these standards if such a large number of people choose to go to school there. At first, that is all the NCAA Div I had heard of about this young man. Then it was said that it was nothing criminal. Then comes the heat, from every corner of the ring, and some inbetween. What could he have done, that wasn't criminal that would mean he is to be kicked off the team? Then I hear of these horrendous comments made by one of my alma mater's students (about another player than said player - a hearsay paraphrase): "Hey go poke his girlfriend because he can't." First of all that is absolutely the most inappropriate thing I have ever heard of. I am without a doubt, embarrassed to be associated with such foul minded and mouthed people. But anyway, back to Brandon Davies.

It is then learned that he had sexual relations with his girlfriend and confessed to it. Now, there are many issues that will eventually arise from this, but first is the thought that this code of honor is too harsh. Yet, I don't think it is true in the least bit. Athletes are representatives of a school. They should not be be treated any different than anyone else. They should feel as though playing sports are a privilege and not a right. I know that sounds crazy, but I have never thought it appropriate to just let athletes pass classes in hopes that they become exceptional and therefore don't need an education. I also think all schools should have a code of conduct for their athletes, as I know the NCAA has, but it should be enforced and respected. BYU is doing their civic duty and moral duty to ALL of their students by reprimanded this athlete for breaking their code of honor. If you were the most unknown student at that school who broke it, the same would be done of them. It is simple logic, if you do the "crime" you must do the "time." I agree it is unfortuntate for the rest of the basketball team yet, maybe he should have spent more times with his teammates and not his girlfriend. Nobody will ever really know.

Now, the fact that I have read rumors of him being kicked out of school, it is extreme, but I suppose it is a possibility. I've been researching Mormonism because I am very interested in it and find their website to be super helpful, easily navigated, and has all the answers an then some on every subject (click here ). Anyway, although I am not a Mormon, I do have a tremendous amount of respect for them (minus Polygamy, but that's a whole other blog).

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