Monday, March 28, 2011

keepin' it real

I have decided, and maybe Chris will be happy with it, but then again, maybe he won't be, to try and really limit the processed food that I eat. I do know it is almost impossible to get rid of it all together, but I can do my best. I know that buying my Yoplait yogurt has processed sugar, BUT I think it is better than a candy bar. I have eliminated Diet Coke (high five and jumping jacks for me) and added lots more water (not that I didn't already drink enough as it is). With that being said, I am trying to eat food that is closer to its natural state rather than adding artificial junk. More fruits (real sugar) and vegetables. Which brings me to my real point. I was always a Yoplait Light kinda lady for the sake of calories, however, I have recently changed to regular. Why do you ask? Regular sugar is much better for me than fake sugar. And now I am a firm believer in it tasting better. Yum-o, with my strawberries and a few sprinkles of granola. Who needs dessert? I think I am going to test out full fat yogurt. I do not like whole milk, but if I can find it in the form of yogurt and possibly organic, that should be delicious. I don't really buy into things having to be organic, because that doesn't give us much to base on how the food is grown and raised, but, sometimes it has to be better. Anyway, yummy in my tummy. :)

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