Thursday, March 31, 2011

really? Really? REALLY????

For starters today, I saw something that really upset, and I have seen it before. I hate the shirt with this print on it:

Are we in shock of the way our world views marriage and why our divorce rate is so high? Do not blame it on people who live together before getting married; I've seen and heard the statistics. Those of us who do it make a conscious choice. This shirt, however humorous it might be to you, shows truly why our society sucks when it comes to marriage. If you view marriage as the end to your "life" and a "game over" of course it will not work for you. Just as if you wake up thinking your day will suck, news flash, it probably will. I get that these shirts are supposed to just be funny, but lots of men (and women) feel this way. My first issue with the shirt is the way it portrays the woman. Getting married is her fault, as if she chose to do it and now the man has a "ball and chain." If you do not want to get married and the girl you are with wants to, maybe you should reevaluate things. If you have no interest in getting married ever, for any reason-its your decision, don't string along this girl and make her resent you. Don't say, somebody baby just not today. She will resent you and therefore become that ball and chain. Just be honest. This group of guys I saw where one was wearing the above mentioned shirt, they looked like guys who would tease their friends for getting married. This brings me to my next pet peeve of the day (I have to tell you though, it is so beautiful outside today and I had the day off, so basically I am in an excellent mood).

I have a guilty pleasure, it is "War of the Roses" on Magic

92.5. I love listening to the people, it is like a 10 minute soap opera on the radio. It is sweet when someone's fears of their partner cheating are relieved, BUT when they find out the cold hard truth I get sad and angry. Why do you ask? First, there's the typical, "I am sorry, I didn't think you would find out, I wasn't sure about us," etc. etc. Yes, you are a coward, but at least when you are sincere you at least sound like you care for that person. I bring you to the next kind of person. It goes like this: "We have only been together like a year (or any amount of time) I mean, we weren't exclusive or anything." This means, well this isn't the first, its the first time you got caught. Second, not exclusive? Last time I checked if you are my boyfriend we are exclusive. No ifs and or buts. People are cowards and have no conscience. And we think living together before marriage breaks up our marriages? No, its having no conscience or respect for anybody. It is pure selfishness.

My pet peeve of the day. Enjoy the sunshine. It is beautiful.

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