Sunday, March 27, 2011

happy birthday Momma Benz

Today is my mommy's birthday. She is 54, but does not look like it. This is a photo blog in tribute to Momma Benz. I can not be there with her BUT I know that the rest of my family is treating her well; except Ricky and Lucie, they do not really care much for others, unless that other person is petting them. Enjoy!

This is my mom in her fur coat, I believe it is her rabbit coat. I think this is when we first moved into our new house. My mom is kind of a dork, like me, which I think is partially where I get it from (the other part is from my dad and come Sepetember, you will see why!). Anyway, it does not matter which coat it is, other than the fact that she has it, but she never wears it. She really should though, don't you think?

I told my mom when she was visiting a couple weeks ago, that I think when my grandparents (and I am going to safely assume my grandmother alone) had all the intentions of calling her "Chrissy Jo" otherwise, why would they give her Jo as a middle name? So, this is Momma Benz aka Chrissy Jo, just do not, I repeat, do not call her: Christine.

Anyway, she is the best mom any one could EVER ask for. I lvoe her soooo much. I also know that she learned from the best. So, hopefully when I have children (which hopefully Hannah will suffice for the new "grauntie") I'll be just as good as a mom like they were.

These are a few of her favorite things:

  • The Bachelor, American Idol, and American's Next Top Model

  • Diet Coke on ice, with a straw that is big enough for the cup

  • Ice cream for dessert

  • Snacking rather than eating full meals (I haven't seen in awhile, but it used to be: "chips and cheese" with a pickle)

  • Peet's Coffee

  • Lindsay, Danielle, Lucie, and I suppose Ricky too

  • Decorating (thank you to my apartment that now looks like people live in it)

  • Hawaii

This is my mom, be jealous that my mom is better than your mom. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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