Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Blog is Lazy Today

My parents are visiting for the weekend.
I'll have photos up later.
Saturday we went to the library, had lunch, and went shopping. Then dinner in Old Town.
Today we went to the beach, bbqed hot dogs, took naps, and then went to Corvette Diner.
My skin is dry, dry, dry. Well, it usually is dry. And now it is extra dry. I deep conditioned my hair, extra lotion on my arms, legs, and face and a double dose of lotion on my feet. My feet are the worst offenders. And not that you care, but having acne and having dry skin that's oily is really difficult. I clean, tighten, and pull my skin apart and then moisturize. It pretty much sucks.
But I'm only sunburned on one side of my leg; my tan is increasing; and I know I'll sleep well.
I love summer and 4th of July!

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