Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Day of Disasters & Summer Schemes

The trusty steed aka our car (yes we only have one, my car did not feel like making another 500 mile drive so it is relaxing in front of my parents' house) needs a new fuel pump. It costs $750. Yeah right. We spent 4 hours waiting and waiting and waiting for the diagnosis. I did some shopping and found this:

I did not get it, but really wish I would have. Oh well.

I also just remembered that I used to really love Feist, so have a listen.

My List of "Schemes" for the Summer (or just plain things I want to do):
1. Go to Santa Monica and peruse the boutiques.
2. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the beach.
3. Make peach cobbler or homemade peach ice cream.
4. Spend a day in a completely unique part of San Diego.
5. Go camping in Carlsbad.
6. Roast marshmallows; drink ice cold beer; and lounge on the patio.
7. Barbeque a delicious steak, and make every side homemade, including grilling corn.
8. Eat my body weight in fresh fruits and vegetables.
9. Walk more, drive less.
10. Ride bicycles on the beach; near the beach.
11. Dance under the stars... Reminding me of the time Chris and I made dinner and danced in the kitchen.
12. Enjoy being youthful.
13. Outdoor concert, preferably country, but really, any kind.

Those are just some of what I plan on calling my Summer Schemes...

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