Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's In the Bag

I'm fascinated by what people carry in their purses. So, here's a sneak peek into mine:

This is it full to the brim and not zipped up. I rarely zip it.
It is a brown leather Coach bag with a jacket style zipper.
I know they have it at the outlets, but I don't know if they make this color anymore.

Wallet. Thin, simple, from Target.

Matches wallet. This has pens, chapstick, and lipgloss in it. At least a million of each, as well.

Came connected with the above pouch, as well as the one below.
This has medicine in it.

This has hair things (bobby pins, claw clips, hair ties) and some earrings.

Gum, because I like variety: Berry Red, Watermelon, and Wintermint.


My pink Blackberry. Simple and classic.

When inspiration strikes I like to be able to write it down.

You never know what my sunglasses mood might be.
Both are from Forever 21.

My Ipod and headphones.

It is usually pretty clean and organized. Occasionally there are receipts or gum wrappers.
It is really heavy though. I might be switching to my smaller summer purse.

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