Friday, July 29, 2011

I Miss These Guys

These are my siblings:

This is my little sister Danielle.
She is working at a camp in Idaho.
She drives a cute little green car.
She used to be a full-time ice cream scooper and cake maker at Baskin Robbins.
She's going to school to be a teacher (total copy cat of her big sister!)
I call her one of these (rarely Danielle):
Dani Benz, Dani, Danielly, and other family nicknames.

This is my dog Lucie.
She's a little old lady.
She does not like to cuddle (although she did cooperate for that photo).

She can't really see, she can't really hear, but she's the best.
My family has had her for almost 14 years, since she was a little puppy.
She follows my mom around like crazy.
She also will not come downstairs or stay downstairs until everyone upstairs is awake and downstairs.

This is my dog Ricky.
He is Lucie's son.
He and I really love each other, he's just really bad at showing it.
He likes to bite me and bark at me.
I call them love bites.

He likes to cuddle.
He's pretty fat, so he gets stuck behind the couch.
He used to be fun and calm, but now he's just wild and slightly neurotic.
My dad calls him Phil and Dick, as well as Ricky.
He responds to all three.
My family has had him for 10 years.

Yes, my dogs are my siblings.
Yes, I miss them all.
And I will get to see them in September.
One week of time with me, I bet they can't wait!

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