Saturday, February 26, 2011

one step at a time

I'm really trying to give up Diet Coke. So far, I've survived. I started last week (when I ran out of Diet Coke) and I've only had two since. I'm really not missing it, as long as I have my morning coffee. I really only craved it while I was out shopping (with my coffee in hand) and I felt like dying because it was so hot and warm from having coffee (and wearing thermals under my jeans). I did, almost by 3 12-packs so I could get the free "I love Diet Coke" shirt, but I realized that would not help my cause. I am definitely remembering how delicious iced tea is, how yummy lemonade is, and how refreshing water is; well I've always drank lots of water.

I'm really in the mood for finding some new good music. I'm kind feeling buying the new Sara Bareilles CD or the new Norah Jones, or quite possibly, Adele. I actually have Norah Jones stuck in my head at the moment. All of which sound great to listen to while taking a nice bubble bath, aaahhh, which would feel amazing since it is so cold here tonight. I live in San Diego, it should not be cold like this. It really is not fun at all. My feet are always cold as it is, and now they are just frozen.

I'd really like one of these pairs of shoes, they are Toms, which makes them that much better for the world, all children should have shoes to wear (in fact, I don't like to really wear shoes, so some of these children can have mine:

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