Friday, January 28, 2011

veggies for tan skin?

I read this article from Shape Magazine online today, view article here -->

It basically says that certain vegetables can help give you a more tan appearance without evening having to go out in the sun. I'm somewhat skeptical, but I can kind of see the logic. It says beta-carotene in spinach, alpha-carotene in carrots, and lycopene in tomatoes can help. Now, I'm definitely up for the try and I love fruits and veggies but then I think back to my childhood and somewhat wonder... My sister is definitely not a veggie lover and she has always been very pale. I however, am a veggie lover, and I tend to have slightly darker skin. Now, could it be that I inherited more Mexican genes than her, of course, but let's say its the veggies. Anyway, it is definitely worth a try because who probably doesn't need more produce in her life? I rest my case.

Maybe along with my normal notation of my healthy progression to a better weight and size, I can try to make a comparison with my skin's appearance. Although, things would be skewed because I live in San Diego, I run outside, and only wear sunscreen on my face (I know, SO BAD FOR ME!)

Carrots, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Here I come.

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