Friday, January 14, 2011


Yes, TGIF, such a cliche, but it is a three day weekend and I could really use it. I'm exhausted. However, with this whole new work out thing, I'm going to start going to bed earlier so I get more sleep, and therefore have my old lifestyle back. It feels great.

I've made it through one week of my schedule, and I'm so sore. I love the running, love the feeling of being out of breath and then feeling my lungs fill up with oxygen and move that all through my body. It feels so great! I also love my legs for being able to carry me through it all. Sometimes when I get to my turn around point, at mile 1.5, I think, oh legs please don't disappoint me, please carry me back to the office. They always do it.

Other than it being a relatively busy Friday, I really don't have any useful tidbits to mention. Other than my excitement for the three day weekend. An extra day to relax.

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