Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping It Real

I'm excited that Chris is with me on this healthy journey. I'm so tired, as mentioned before, of feeling just so lethargic and disgusting when I eat bad. I'm working on not only getting healthy, lean, losing some weight, building some muscle, but also working on my posture. Trying to make good, healthy habits. Less sitting, more moving. More flossing, more moisturizing, just more of it all. More sunblock! This California sun will totally dry out my skin and although the tan will be beautiful, it isn't good for me. I want to be healthy and beautiful inside and out. I want more vitamins, more water, less Diet Coke (my one and only weakness!).

Chris and I will be back to our slim selves. It might be hard, it might be no fun, but if we'll be happy, that's really all that matters. Oh and I'd like no more hip pain, please!

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