Friday, January 6, 2012

A Perfect Friday... After Work

Work does not make for a perfect Friday. In fact, if anything, it makes for an imperfect Friday. However, it was replaced with the good things in my Friday evening. I took yesterday off from the gym for a rest day, and went back tonight. I didn't even realize until it was too late that I spent almost 2 hours there. It felt so good. My body is adapting well to my workout intensity. I've just lifting some heavy weights and constantly switching up my cardio. I think it is really helping my leg muscles progress.

To continue with my happy Friday, Chris and I went to Panera. I was feeling kinda chilly and I am kinda sore, so alongside my soup and salad I ordered some hot tea. I forgot how much I enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. Especially flavored teas. Panera had Republic of Tea bags, so I was able to choose between a few different ones. I had the Mango Ceylon, which is apparently a metabolic tea. If it helps, it helps, otherwise I just really liked the flavor. The second one I had is Orange Ginger Mint, which is an after meal tea. And that's exactly when I had it, after dinner. When I put it in the cup with the water, it looked like Mountain Dew. I was afraid that it would be too unusual for my liking, but I really am enjoying it (still drinking it). I'm going to have to expand my tea cupboard.

Finally, I really like Miranda Lambert's new album: "Four the Record." I love the song that Blake Shelton wrote, "Over You." It is such a heartfelt song. I can really understand why he wouldn't want to sing it himself; getting too choked up, but her voice is perfection on it. She has the perfect angry/sad sounding voice. Take a listen; drink some tea; and relax on this wonderful Friday night.

Over You by Miranda Lambert on Grooveshark

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