Thursday, January 19, 2012

If its Not Forever, If Its Just Tonight

A long time ago, back when Chris and I first met, he told me to listen to this song by Kings of Leon: "Sex on Fire." I did and IMMEDIATELY loved it. It has remained a favorite since then. I, however, am a country girl at heart. One day, probably a year after I heard the Kings of Leon version, I picked up Sugarland's "Live on the Inside" CD. And on that CD would be a cover of "Sex on Fire" done by Sugarland, obviously. Let me tell you, it is the BEST REMAKE OF A SONG EVER. It is slightly twangy, and the piano is amazing. I'm a sucker for piano, and I just love it. Jennifer Nettles has such an amazing and raw voice for the song, that it sounds so great. So, for your listening pleasure:

Sex On Fire by Sugarland on Grooveshark

In other news, I've ran 9.3 miles this week and it feels amazing. I've been plugging along and although Monday and Tuesday were easier runs, I just keep going, and then I sprint to the finish. It feels great. All of it has been under 30 mins and 30 seconds (Monday was under 30 mins).

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