Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Day I Almost Got Hit by a Car and Ripped My New Pants

First, my sister shared this photo she took of one of our family's dogs, Ricky.

It is really hit or miss if he's really cute and adorable; really moody and smelly; or really mean, fat, and grumpy. She caught him cute and adorable. Don't mess with him in the other situations.

Second, I thought I'd share the most attractive photo of me, EVER TAKEN.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that for a laugh while you read my story.

As part of my new, healthy habits, I've been going on long walks (okay, 40 - 50 mins) on my lunch break, instead of just sitting at my desk eating my lunch. I try to take a different route everyday, or do my routes backwards, to enjoy everything San Diego has to offer.

Today, I'm walking along, there are people around, eating their lunches and walking on their lunch breaks. Somehow, and I'm going to blame my tennis shoes and the cable company's ground line container (I hope you know what I'm talking about, the squares on the sidewalk or the pavement where the cable company's stamp is). Anyway, I tripped and fell big time. I think I was distracted by the car that was trying to make an odd, illegal u-turn.

It was embarrassing. I think people saw me. I worried that I was hurt, I was kind of far from work (probably around 1 mile away) meaning I had to go back. Anyway, all in all, I did not rip my pants and all I have to show for it is a gnarly bruise on my knee. I hope it doesn't swell up, because today was my rest day from the gym, and I have 3 more to go.

Happy Wednesday!

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