Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I love running.
I don't look like I love running and when you see me stop in the middle of my run, I'm not stopping because I can't run, I'm stopping because my allergies/asthma/legs/feet etc. are like, "hey, crazy lady, what's wrong with you?"
I'm over the 4 mile mark, which I think makes me a legit runner.
Insert MC Hammer's "Too Legit to Quit":

I'm really working on this being healthy, better fitness, eating cleaner, I'm not sure if I can really consider it clean eating completely, but here's a run down of what I ate today.

Greek yogurt w/ a bit of cereal
Turkey w/ cheese, carrots, and a plum
A few tortilla chips
2 Lara Bars
Spaghetti squash w/ tomato sauce
Some fro yo

That really is not a lot of food, but it packs a lot of calories (maybe)
However, the only unreal foods I ate today was the cereal, tortilla chips, and pasta sauce.
The rest qualifies as real food, right?
I think so.
I also, only drink water during the week (oh and coffee in the AM).

I really have a terribly boring and sedentary job.
So I think I eat a lot of crap that I normally wouldn't.
And my weird eating habits/lack of always eating well give me terrible stomach pains, aches, rumbles, whatever you want to call it.

To make up for my potentially poor eating, here's the exercise my bod got today:
40 mins brisk/power walk at lunch
40 mins run/jog (4.1 miles)
30 mins weight lifting (shoulders and biceps)
15 mins stretching

That's good, right?
If I could shove a few more veggies into my tummy and a few less tortilla chips, I might be okay.

By the way, I'm too lazy to post a photo, but Gilles Marini might be the HOTTEST man on the planet. No kidding.

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