Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I should probably refrain from quoting Ren & Stimpy.
I doubt it is very becoming for a girl of my age.

I am happy though. I'm upping my mileage or my speed each workout. Today was speed, I shaved one whole minute off my 3 mile run. I'd say that's impressive, for me at least. My triceps feel like complete jell-o and my last set of chest presses was so beyond unbearably painful, that I am without a doubt that I will be in pain tomorrow. Which works out because tomorrow will be a leg and ab torture day. Keep up the good work body. You're doing well.

I'm still a work in progress. And I think I am okay with that, finally. Each day, even when I have mental, emotional, and physical set backs, I realize, that I can only be so much or do so many things. At the end of each day I have to be happy and content. That's what is most important. If that means coffee in the morning, and ice cream at night, then that's what I plan on doing. These days it has been lost of healthy eating (hello giant salad I had for lunch today) and exercising, which I plan on stepping up, just a little. I am making slightly more realistic weight loss goals, and if I make them, a reward, and if I don't, I will not be beating myself up over it.

I can not live my life and expect people to like me or treat me well if I can not treat myself that way. I am this huge canvas or this empty journal with so many different ways of finishing it. It might have tons of line-outs and eraser marks, or the red might eventually be covered by blue, but what matters is I am constantly growing; and I am happy.

Smile. Love. Laugh. Be Happy.

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