Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is It Bad...

That I only drink water and coffee?
Is that totally weird?
Occasionally I have tea, and on Saturdays, I have a soda, yeah seriously, one.
I'm just feeling like I'm the only one.
Kinda like Dierks Bentley in:
Anyway, today is my day off from the gym.
I noticed yesterday, while working on my "lats" that they look pretty good in the mirror.
That's good. I think.
I did the Step Mill along with my treadmill and some walking.
It felt good, I hope it works other parts of my legs.
Sometimes, I think I have to lay off the running.
If I crosstrain a little bit, I am thinking that I will be less likely to injure myself.
I'm feeling kind of brave, so I'm thinking I'm going to post two photos.
One from the end of June and one from now of me in my bathing suit.
I hope there is some change.
On the left is June, the right is now.
I think I'm looking better.

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