Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Run Forrest Run

For those who read this and are seasoned runners, you can laugh at my terrible excuses for runs. I'm new to running, but I do enjoy it, treadmill or on the streets. Treadmill is easier though, my allergies + outdoor runs = migraines. Today I did 3.36 miles (total 30 mins plus 5 mins cool down). Not too impressive BUT impressive for me. Then I died, literally.

I'm working my way up though. And since I lost my gym card and have been coming in without it for months (seriously since like November), I'm seeing if I can get a new one for free. I don't usually lose things, so I think one of the old personal trainers picked it up, pocketed it, and lost it.

Ugh, I feel like dying right now. But, it is slowly subsiding. All for the love of running, right?

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