Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Continuing Across the Country

So, after our night Blacksburg, we headed onto Tennessee. We did not think about the time zone changes as we were driving, so sometimes we felt like our drives were closer than expected. Oh well. This brought us to Nashville (my favorite, BY FAR).

(Chris and the Volunteer State sign)

(Me and the Volunteer State sign, pardon my terrible clothing choices, and my appearance, we were living out of a car)

Knoxville. That's all I got. I'm a big racing fan, so it is a two thumbs up for me, but we only had so much time.

My favorite!!! We got to the museum with an hour left before they closed, who knew they'd end up kicking us out. I apologize in advance for my terrible photos, we were very rushed, but this is only a few, some of my faves.

Patsy Cline's dress

Reba McEntire's dress

Hank Williams's clothes and awards

The manuscript for Dolly Parton's "Jolene" - I really like this song, and how cool is that??

Garth Brooks's guitar. He is probably my ultimate favorite.

Jason Aldean's jeans and cowboy boots. :]

The Second Fiddle in downtown Nashville. I like Nashville bars better than San Diego and Las Vegas and anywhere else. Really, it is true. I'm a beer drinking, sometimes whiskey shot taking, country music loving girl.

Aww, aren't we cute? We were both major grumpy pants that night, but this is after we turned our frowns upside down.

The best part of Nashville bars? LIVE MUSIC from musicians who have their own bands, play covers and their own songs, oh and they happen to be the band for famous people. I believe if I remember right, the keyboardist had just finished playing a show for Jerrod Niemann before he came to the Second Fiddle. AWESOME!

So bummed our trip didn't bring us on these days. Oh well. Maybe some day. Actually, right now (well starting tomorrow) is the 2011 CMA Music Festival, and I am watching the CMT Music Awards.

I really want to go back to Nashville ASAP. In fact, if things don't work out in California, we might head to Nashville. Yes. Oh we were unable to see the Grand Ole Opry because it was still being remodeled after all the flooding. The exits on the freeways were even closed so we couldn't drive by it. I had one really blurry picture as we drove by. What a major bummer. Such a sad, sad place to be when we were there because many places were finally coming out of the flood slump. However, it was still fun. My favorite.

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