Thursday, June 16, 2011

If you weren't already aware, lots of Texas is full of nothing...

First, I went to the gym tonight, like usual, and I have to tell you two things that really irritate me:

1. People who meander and mosey from one machine to another (cardio, not weight machines) an watch everyone else break a sweat while they take a Sunday stroll on the treadmill. I'm not talking about older or elderly. I am talking about perfectly capable young people who look around as to, what I'm heavy or I'm out of shape? I'm "walking" or "biking". I highly doubt your heart rate is raising above what mine is at rest. Not to mention, if you are not going to wear proper tennis shoes or footwear, why bother?

2. Jerk guys who think they are better than everyone. Case in point: I'm way on the other side of the room and I look across and I see this guy who had just finished working on an ab device. He then proceeds to walk in front of a mirror (granted NOBODY is near him or looking in his direction, except maybe me as I glanced at the clock) pulls up his shirt and rubs his abs. Yes, they were fantastic. But really? You're pulling it up like you're trying to seduce yourself in the mirror? Really? REALLY???

On to the nostalgia photos, our travel from San Antonio to Lubbock:

The smallest Wal Mart ever! No joke. The aisles are half the size of the ones here. Crackers shared an aisle with soda. So weird, and adorable.

All I really have to show for this is miles and miles and miles...

and miles and miles and miles....

and miles and miles. Oh and on and on and on...

of wind turbines!

Anyway, we have no other pictures because all we did was get a hotel, eat dinner in the bar, and watch TV. We needed relaxation after partying it up in San Antonio.

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