Thursday, June 9, 2011

Graceland, Almost a Tornado, and Arkansas

After spending the night in Nashville, we headed out to Memphis to go to Graceland. I apologize that these photos are backwards. So after Graceland we headed onto Arkansas. We had pizza in a deserted Pizza Hut amongst a huge storm that could have produced tornadoes.

Welcome to Arkansas. Yes the state line is on a bridge.

Chris at the Visitor Center.

Me at the Visitor Center.

Some random place in Arkansas. I thought it was pretty.

Elvis's Pink Cadillac.

The lights were constantly flickering and I caught it when they were all lit up.

Elvis's grave at Graceland.

I left my camera in the car (it fell out of my purse) and did not realize until we were already on the tour. I took them on my cell phone though, I've just struggled to get them from cell phone to computer. Enjoy.

Oh and in Arkansas we went swimming.

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