Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy as a Bumblebee....

What a busy weekend and Monday.

Did I do anything, you ask?

Absolutely not. Unless you consider going to the gym, cleaning, decorating my Relay for Life pole, going to church, more gym, grocery shopping, work, doctor's appointment, and gym. Did I miss anything? I probably did.

Anyway, I'm perfectly healthy, in case you wanted to know.

Another thing, that maybe you didn't want to know, I hope you aren't eating or thinking about eating. I sweat, A LOT when I workout. I should take a photo, but I do not bring my camera with me to the gym. We've always joked with my cousin that we know he is related to my uncle (his mom's brother and my mom's brother) because they both sweat profusely. Guess what? I can join the club too. Too much information, sorry?

I have no photos today, this is boring. I apologize.


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