Saturday, June 23, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

And down the rabbit hole.
That's kind of how I feel about things today.  
Let's start with an oxymoron to say the least:
- Dumpster diving while driving a pretty new Mercedes.  Makes perfect sense, right?  

Next up:
- White, family, driving geeky bright blue car, with a vanity license plate bearing the word "THUGZ" 
I don't even know what to make of that?  Clearly my idea for BabyBnz is cool too?  

Third, and hopefully I won't have to edit this later for more:
- Homeless man walks into Starbucks, I assume to use the restroom.  I don't really pay much attention to anything because I'm happily enjoying my Americano and my book.  I then see him out the window again, nice and clean with SOPPING WET HAIR.  He bathed in the Starbucks sink?  So gross.

Just call me Alice today.  

I'm mildly obsessed with my cropped, purple skinnies.  
I wish it was acceptable to wear the same pants every. single. day.
I know it is frowned upon because my coworkers and I were discussing laundry.
I live in an apartment, I only do laundry once every other week, or two, or so depending when I run out of clean underwear and workout clothes.  
Apparently that makes my choices in everyday attire questionable because how can I have that many clothes?  
First off, I do, but most importantly, do you really need to wash everything, every time you wear it?  
NO.  Jeans get better with time, like a fine wine.  
I'm also usually wearing 2 -5 shirts at one time, so the top one is almost always clean, unless I spill on it.  
Please tell me I am NOT the only one that does this?

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