Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Beach Day 2012

The weather here has been amazing. It was almost 90 at our apartment which meant that the beach was definitely in the 70s if not near 80. We grabbed some lunch and headed to this beautiful spot:

The photo is from my Blackberry so I apologize that it isn't the best quality. It was kind of chilly though, which is unfortunate. It was such a beautiful day.

It really felt like summer time. It was heavenly. Even right now at 6 pm, I feel like it is a beautiful summer evening. I'm feeling rather nostalgic. I'm a cheap skate (sometimes) and I bought cheapy coconut shampoo which makes me think of being a little girl. I'm not one for ever caring about my hair, and I love in the summer my clean, wet hair resting on my shoulders. We did all our shopping and errands so we are totally settled for a relaxing night (someone - not me - has to be up and at work at 5 tomorrow).

At church today, we also sang one of my favorite worship songs as seen/heard below. We were discussing worship and how we should be doing it each day and everyday. Go worship God today and tomorrow and everyday.

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