Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Day I Bought Cobalt Blue Pants

If you don't follow my blog, or I don't mention it enough, or you don't care, I've lost somewhere between 20-25 pounds. I don't really recall where I was to begin with, but I know where I am now. I was wearing approximately a 12-14 size pants and a large to extra large shirts. I'm am excited to announce that I wear a size 8 pants (and that's not like the last time I lost weight where I wore about a 10 and had some size 8's, I have yet to try on an 8 that doesn't fit) and I wear a medium to a large in shirts. I have pretty big boobs and arms, but not disproportionately.

My parents were visiting and as usual, my mom and I went shopping (and no I didn't get very much, my mom couldn't even force me to buy stuff) and I was torn on these blue pants. I've wanted skinny jeans in different colors (red and cobalt to begin). These pants are slim cut dress pants in cobalt. My mom said since I wasn't sure about them, that she'd buy them for me. I ended up loving them. I wish you could see more of them, but when I try to stand up my camera it wobbles and makes it blurry. I love cobalt blue and I think they are unique enough, without being over the top.

pants: NY&Co/shirt: JCPENNEY/cami: Nordstrom Rack/shoes(that you can't see): Target/necklace: gift

I don't have anything more exciting to say other than the fact that I really could have used more than the one day off that I took to spend with my mom and dad.

P.S: I'm not one for the need to be a fashion blogger, so I am sorry that my pictures, picture quality, and amount of pictures are lacking. Maybe I'll get fancy one day.

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