Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things I Love... and Things I Loathe

Loathe: Doing the dishes.

Love: The color yellow, which coming from me is crazy, because I've never been a fan.

Loathe: When radio stations ruin songs by playing them on REPEAT (Adele, I'm talking about you).

Love: Coming home from the gym to Mexican food after having a fantastic workout.

Loathe: Shiny, nude colored shoes. Especially when worn with khaki pants. They look like they belong in a wedding party NOT for everyday wear.

Love: The Voice and Blake Shelton. Oh, Miranda, you lucky lady.

Loathe: Headaches and migraines; I've had too many recently.

Love: This pin I pinned awhile back. If you weren't aware, on my mom's side of the family I am the first granddaughter, and my cousins didn't like it and always called me "Princess Lindsay." I am still a princess. My senior year of high school my quote was, "You don't have to live in a palace to be a princess." HRH Lady Diana Spencer Princess of Wales.

Happy Tuesday!

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