Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fancy Schmancy

Like the new look? I asked Chris what color he says reminds him of me, and he said green. Green is my favorite color but I rarely buy it or decorate with it. I don't wear it often either. I also love pink and there you have it, pink and green. I like it, for now. I have a tendency to want to change things all the time. I'll try and refrain.

Yesterday I set out to spend some of my birthday $$$. I was successful. I spent 4 hours shopping. Although, I am having buyers remorse over a $12.95 sports bra. I'm not sure I'm going to like it AND I rarely spend more than $10 on anything. I really wanted to turn into a fashion blogger after my clothes purchase yesterday, but the pictures are not as flattering. I plan on wearing it again today (I know, I wear my clothes like 5 days in a row - I hate paying to wash my laundry). Maybe I'll get a better photo with natural light; if the sun comes out today.

We'll see if I can spend anymore birthday money today. Happy Sunday. :)

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