Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lowered Ears

I got my ears lowered today, aka, I got my hair cut. It desperately needed it, unfortunately my girl told me some things that I dislike about my hair.

1. It grows unevenly (or my last haircut was done unevenly, I'm hoping my favorite hairdresser in NorCal doesn't cut unevenly or Momma Benz and Dani Benz are gonna have some problems).

2. It's super tangly and wavy (Okay, I already knew that).

3. I have a random piece of hair in the middle of my head that is HALF THE LENGTH OF THE REST! How does that happen? When I thought I had gum in my hair after Disneyland and was trying to get it out did I break that much off?? Did my last haircut accidentally have that happen? So, weird.

4. I should come in for a bang trim more often so that I enjoy them, rather than loathe them.

That's all. No photos, I'm a bit lazy and my eyes are about to close, good night.

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