Friday, February 24, 2012

Knees...Thighs...and...Feet... Oh My!

I have been having this nagging ache/soreness in my knee. I tripped and fell like a month ago, and bruised my knee. It was sore for a few days, I rested, worked out when I could, iced it, etc. It went away and I was getting in these awesome runs; speedy, long, intense, all the good things. Now my knee is hurting again. Being a runner, or working out a lot, is really a challenge, but injuries make them worse.

My thighs, I now know where the massive bruises are coming from. I have this terrible habit when I'm doing upper body strength workouts, of bringing down the dumbbells, whether swinging them or just dropping them, onto my hips/thighs. Big bruise on my leg = no bueno.

Feet. They haven't been blistering or bruising and that is good news. So either my feet have finally broken in my running shoes (I've had them since July) or something else has happened. Either way, I'd like my feet to stay this way.

I've been trying new things at the gym, forcing myself to go outside my comfort zone and lifting heavier, trying the things that I normally might have skipped. I'm so impressed at my interval ability, 6.0 MPH for 2 mins and 7.5 MPH for 1 min for 30 mins may not be a stretch for most, but for me it is awesome. I can keep it up and it hasn't been a fluke. I really think it has helped with my steady runs, making them a little faster and a little less taxing. Not to mention, I feel like my weight is going down like I prefer. I'm almost done with Week 7 of my version of Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer. I accommodate it with what my ability allows, what my gym has access to, what my time allows me to do, etc. I'm tempted to repeat the second phase before moving on to phase 3, but I'm not sure. I still have one more week in phase 2.

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