Sunday, October 23, 2011

Risky Business

I like being a girl, I like being girly, and I like the color pink.
I like to look pretty and smell nice.
I like having soft skin.
But sometimes, we all forget that when we take it all of, that we might just be our most beautiful. We might have sparse eyebrows, large pores, laugh lines, or any number of unwanted markings, but what is most important is being comfortable in our own skin.
I've given in to my wavy hair, and have forgone straightening. I think I straightened it 4 times in September, and so far this month, once.
I don't wear a lot of make up, I wear no foundation or anything.
I'm equally content walking out of the house without make up as I am with.
So I'm doing something wild.
I took off all my makeup.
I let down my hair.
This is me, au natural; smile lines, dimples, scars and all:

I've never dyed my hair, and I'm content wit the color.
I try not to tan too much.
I baby my face and moisturize and try to prevent acne.
I brush and floss twice, to three times daily.
I laugh, and don't mind my slight smile lines and dimples.
I have a scar on my cheek, that looks like a dimple, and I'm okay with it.
We should be content with who we are and what we look like.

Of course I wish my hair was longer and that my cheeks weren't so chubby.
I wish I had longer eyelashes and that I was thinner.
But overall, I can't complain.

I smile because I'm happy with me.
You should smile because you're happy with you.

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