Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Little Bit Country

Every time I hear this song, I want to throw on my boots, and a flowery skirt, kick up my heels, fake a southern drawl, and dance around like a crazy girl.

I love this song. When I was visiting my family, I went out with my sister and her friends, to a "pub" that had country night which is clearly, right up my alley. They had a live band, and it was pretty awesome. The drinks were strong, so worth the $$$.

Little Sister (Danielle), and her best friends Leah and Katelyn.

Me and the sister

Katelyn and myself. We don't dance, we drink beer.

Take a listen, and a look, at Mr. Bryan

I have a GIGANTIC crush on Luke Bryan. Damn him for having a GORGEOUS wife.

Anyway, I have this, I don't like to use the word fetish, it sounds so bad, but I have this strong like for country men and their jeans. It just goes hand in hand.
Country singer + good jeans = hotter than a desert day in July.
Here's my list, if you needed to check it out yourself:

1. Luke Bryan
2. Rodney Atkins
3. Jason Aldean
4. Tim McGraw
5. Blake Shelton
6. Charles Kelley
7. Jerrod Niemann

I think you get the hint.
Hope you're having a sensational day!

Oh, I ran 4 miles today. But that's all. One week of vacation killed me. Building back up again.

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