Thursday, October 27, 2011

Likes & Dislikes on a Thursday

I am liking... sore muscles; they show me how well I am doing.

I am disliking... that somehow I started biting my nails again this week; I had stopped and now I am back at it.

I am liking... that I can honestly say my eating has been really well this week. Two thumbs up for mostly real/clean food.

I am disliking... that my cravings for Diet Coke have been out of control! I gave it up in March and have only honestly had 3, well, now 4. Will I ever not crave it like a crazy person?

I am liking... that it is almost the weekend; this week has been too much for me.

I am disliking.... the tangles in my hair. Nothing keeps it from getting tangled.

I am liking... Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice this week.

I think that's sufficient for today.
At least for every negative, there is a positive.

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