Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Up, Stand Up

Here's a quiz:
1. What does the pink ribbon stand for?
2. What does a beige ribbon stand for?
3. What does a blue ribbon stand for?
4. What does a black ribbon stand for?
5. What does a gray ribbon stand for?
6. What does a red and white ribbon stand for?
7. What two things can a lavender ribbon stand for?

I love the color pink.
And it will be popping up everywhere this month because October is: "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. I am quite sure that many of you already know this. And if you watched any football today, it was quite apparent with the pink attire that many players were sporting.
Most people know of someone or have a personal relationship with someone who has had breast cancer. My coworker and my aunt, both are currently survivors. With that being said, I wholeheartedly support the cause, but I am also very wary in the way I choose to support. I look at all the hype, hysteria, and knowledge we feed into our people, for one specific kind of cancer. Thanks to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, it is everywhere. I don't want to take away from what a great job that foundation is doing. But did you know that there are other months that support awareness of cancer that you may not know of.

Cervical Health Awareness Month

National Cancer Prevention Month

National Colo-rectal Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Control Month
Cancer Fatigue Awareness Day
Testicular Cancer Awareness Week
National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week
National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week
National Minority Cancer Awareness Week

Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month
Melanoma Monday
Brain Tumor Action Week
Blood Cancer Advocacy Days

National Cancer Survivors Day
Sarcoma Awareness Week

Childhood Cancer Awareness
Gynecologic Cancer Awareness
Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness
Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Prostate Cancer Awareness
Thyroid Cancer Awareness Week

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Mammography Day

Lung Cancer Awareness
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Did you know about these other days, weeks, or months of awareness? Maybe you did and I congratulate you. Maybe you didn't, and that's fine. Just remember, for every person you know affected by Breast Cancer, you can probably name just as many affected by some other type of cancer. Farrah Fawcett didn't die from breast cancer; Patrick Swayze didn't die from breast cancer; John Milford didn't die from breast cancer.

Every time you buy something pink to support breast cancer, think of how you can also spend or donate to help battle all these other forms of cancer.

Stand Up to Cancer, Not Just Breast Cancer.

I bet most only know the answer to number 1 and maybe number 7 (part of it).

1. Breast Cancer
2. Oral Cancer
3. Prostate Cancer
4. Melanoma
5. Brain Cancer
6. Head & Neck Cancer
7. Cancer and/or Gynecological Cancer

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