Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday... and Things I Want to Read, Do, See, etc.

There is so much going on around me these days. First of all, I am 100% gung ho on getting my eating and exercising habits right on track for the next 10 days (before I go to Las Vegas). I did a spectacular job today, although I did kind of work out a little bit too hard, but, other than that, an excellent first day. Second, too many birthdays and holidays, etc. this week. First, Chris's birthday AND Cinco De Mayo, which means, Relay for Life Nacho Sales and Happy Hour drinks. Then, my little sister (is she really little anymore though) has a monumental birthday: 21! Well, that's the reason for the Vegas trip. Then my aunt's birthday is next, which will probably be celebrated in Las Vegas as well, and finally Mother's Day. Yet, I did send out my sister's card and my mom's Mommy Day card so, I'm set with that.

Not to mention, how did she go from my little sister to a 21 year old, I mean hello, look at this:

We were once those little girls? Seriously?? What happened? And now we look like this:

Since I have taken you on a walk down memory lane with some sisterly love, those are a good portion of my thoughts for Tuesday, and now, is time for my Tuesday Want List. I don't like to call it a Wish List. I don't wish for it, I want it. How bad is that? Call me selfish, call me crazy, call me ungrateful, blah blah blah. I'll tell you my story of having to mathematically add in your head if you can spend $1 on a pack of gum because it might "break the bank." I deserve to want things.

  • I want to read Emily Griffin's books, "Something Borrowed," "Something Blue," "Baby Proof," "Love the One You're With," and "Heart of the Matter." However, since the movie for "Something Borrowed" is coming out soon, I have a feeling getting them from the library will be a lost cause. And I only buy certain books, because, books are expensive.

  • I want hats. I can't always pull them off BUT I have a pretty wide face and forehead, and since I have these lovely bangs now, I think I pull it off better. Anyway, I want a straw fedora, a big and floppy black hat (or a straw one), and a straw cowboy hat.

  • I really want to want to play the piano, but that's been really hard. A complete lack of motivation and not really wanting to deal with a sore back and shoulders.

  • I want to dress like a celebrity on a pauper budget. That's possible right? Yeah, just nod and smile while you read this, it could happen.

  • Oh and I really want this pale denim, ruffled maxi-dress from Forever 21 that was only $12. I'd like to wear it with a tan belt, and gold jewelry. Thanks, I bet its gone now. Oh well, I'll check it out this weekend. I'm just tall enough to wear a maxi-dress, which is perfect for me. Long torso plus short legs equals perfect for a maxi-dress. The above mentioned midget sister, yeah, no luck for her. Sorry.

On a final note about the little sister, I joke with my boss and my coworkers that I will always be able to overpower and beat up my "little" sister because she will ALWAYS be smaller than me.

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