Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Can I Get Yo Numba?

Apparently elderly people do not like to call their senators to support or advocate for people. The union that I am part of because of my job, was phone banking at lunch to try and get them to simply call their senator. Do you know how daunting it is to call someone from this list when it says they are 96 years old? I mean, here I am this bright and bubbly 24-year-old with my chipper voice, they are so not interested. Oh well, I did my 30 calls, and I got no "yes" responses, mostly not homes, and very few "no" responses.

On a different note, I bought a dress for going out in Las Vegas in. I thought that it was a V-neck dress, but it ripped when I put it on, so I assumed, that it was just some string the store put on it to keep it together. It looked interesting, but I bought it anyway, its was $9.99, so no big deal. Then when the lady rung it up, it said it was a one-shoulder dress. I realized then, that's why it was so weird looking as a two strapped dress. However, when I got it home, it still doesn't look right. Almost as if there is a piece missing. I'm trying to find a picture on the internet so I can see how to wear it. Lame.

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