Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yes, I did.

I gave in, like everyone else.
I red Ms. James' books and LOVED them.
I didn't read them for the sex, although for some that might be the reason they choose to read them, I thought the storyline was so powerful.  
My sister said it was like a grown up version of Twilight, but I just loved that the characters had so much depth and personality.  
I can totally understand how the book might not be for you, and I think that's fine.  But for anyone that is truly afraid of it being too much, if you can get past some of the (eew I hate using this word) "kinkiness" of it, you might truly enjoy it.  
Or you might not, and that's okay.
To each his own, right?
"We aim to please, Ms. Steele" - Christian Grey

And some things to make you smile
(I apologize that I don't have the links for where I found all these, some of these were posted on my personal facebook and I have no idea where they came from).  

And if you go here you can see playlists of videos of songs that the author has created (based on what she used in the book).  


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