Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommies. Moms. Mamas. Mothers.

Just some photos of my favorite moms.  

Me and my mom.  
I think this was on my sister's 2nd or 3rd birthday, so I'm either 5 or 6.  One of us amde her visor.   

Grandma Pat and me.  
We miss you lots.  

Me, mom, and Dani.  
I didn't get the memo to dye my hair the same color as them.  
Not that I dye my hair ever.  

Grandma Mo and me.
We miss you too!

Grandma Marlene and me.  
We also miss you!

Dani, mom, and me in las Vegas.  

Lucie is a mom too!  

Dad, me, and mom.  

Me, Chris, and my mom, or as you could call it, The Chris' and me.

Mom and me.

I have the best mom in the whole wide world and had the best grandmothers as well.
I hope you treated your mom extra special today.  

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