Monday, April 2, 2012

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll Love You Tomorrow

I found this blog over the weekend and love it.
Her and two others are hosting this:
I'm excited to join in to be inspired and inspire others.

My former roommate had a baby today.
Congrats to her and the new addition to her family.
Her and her husband will be great parents.

Today was a typical Monday.
Busy at work.
Had to get up super early to take the C-man to work, and didn't go back to sleep once I got home.
We were unable to get tuna steaks, so we settled for Subway for dinner.
They gave me the wrong sandwich.
But I went back and got another.
Mostly irritating.
I'm a nice person though, so I didn't even cut in line for them to remake my sandwich.
They gave me free cookies, which I gave to Chris.

Happy Monday.

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