Monday, April 9, 2012

Today is where your book begins

the rest is still unwritten.

I'm an avid magazine reader.
My sister bought me a subscription to Cosmopolitan for my birthday last year, and now I get mine for free as long as she renews hers.
I always buy InStyle.

Then I passed this at the store and had to buy it:

May's issue of Glamour.
I love Lauren Conrad.
I loved Laguna Beach and The Hills.
She's so pretty, without looking like a harlot or a skank.
She is so successful and I think compared to other reality stars and celebrities, she is a good role model.

I feel like she has been a little out of the spotlight, but these photos are so fresh and refreshing.
I mean, don't you wish you were her?
I love this bathing suit, by the way.

I've also read all the books she wrote in the LA Candy series.
Yes, they are easy reads and yes, they are cheesy, but I like them.
I can't wait to read her new one, for fun, maybe a beach read on my vacation in July?

I really want this dress and those shoes.

Purple shoes are a must.

She looks so young and youthful.
She doesn't look like drugs and alcohol have ravaged her body, (or had tons of plastic surgery a la Heidi).

Can I have this bathing suit?

Go pick up the May issue of Glamour.
She seems pretty down to earth and normal.

All images are courtesy of: Glamour


  1. Omigosh, what BEAUTIFUL photos. SOOO youthful and pretty. I've never read her books, but watched her shows and like Lauren too! Though, her skinny butt makes me want to kind of... slap her and then totally apologize for it ;-)

    1. Yeah, I'd definitely be okay with looking like her. Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. I never really watched that show, but I have to agree she's a beautiful woman! And if all the clothes from that photo shoot could just make their way on over to my closet, that would be great :P {Totally lovin' that suit too!}

    1. The clothes and bathing suits are so pretty, it makes the photo shoot that much better.