Monday, November 14, 2011

So Excited

I am so proud and excited for my cousin. He wrote and published a book!!! I'll post a link once its had some time to be bought and read by others. We are all so proud of him. I can not wait to read it. He's had such a great year. The birth of his beautiful daughter Hannah, and now this book. I'm so happy for him and his awesome wife Megan. They're great so they deserve the best.

I am still on the mend from being sick. I have this terrible cough. I have no real nasal symptoms, but it is all in my chest, this terrible painful cough. I've been coughing so much it is giving me a headache. It is really irritating, if I had to use one word to describe it. My body doesn't feel bad like it did when I was sick last month (SERIOUSLY? Sick that often, other than being sick the last time I honestly can not remember the last time I was sick; I remember once in Maryland - 2009 - being sick, but I honestly don't remember any time in 2010). It is just awful. I think after this I am getting my multi-vitamin, hand washing, and not touching my face at all on so that I do not get sick again.

Have a great week and just a friendly reminder: start to remember what you're thankful for, Thanksgiving is not that far away.

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  1. Hey Lindsay!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very cool about your cousin, bummer about being sick though. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and am thankful for so much. It is good to actually say it out loud though. One thing I am very thankful for is my church family. They are wonderful!