Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Death of my Computer aka Nothing of Importance

So, today the two males that I work with, who obviously choose to not acknowledge that I am female, welcomed me into the world of being a girl. Apparently I have being a girl "on lock," because I like The Notebook and Twilight. My first thought was, did you think I wasn't a girl because I haven't shared my love of these movies with you? Are you not a girl until that is known? It was probably something you would have had to been there for, or else I only vaguely remember the conversation between us. It did include Shakespeare in Love, Anonymous, and The Human Centipede. I'm sure all three movies have SOMETHING in common... None of these movies have I ever seen.

So, in case you didn't know, any maybe wanted to know:

1. I am a female; a girl; a lady.
2. I am not too cuddly, or sweet. I'm more gunpowder and lead than I am sugar and spice and everything nice. Okay, that's probably a lie. Or I'm just in between because my idol is Leigh Anne Tuohy. I'd like to keep a gun in my purse and go to church on Sundays.
3. I love The Notebook and Twilight but you can definitely find me watching Saw and Taken.
4. I eat a lot of cereal. I only like it when its been sitting in the milk and it is soggy.
5. I am not good at hair or make up or cooking (baking I can do) so I might have just negated #1. 6. I can however, fix my garbage disposal and the sink. Once again, negated #1.
7. I love the color pink and wish Chris would let me decorate our bedroom with the hue; however, I mostly wear black and grey.
8. Christmas, Easter, and my birthday are my favorite holidays; Yes, January 30th is a holiday. 9. I'm a nerd. I read, a lot. Especially while I'm eating. I'm not really a great dinner companion.
10. People don't find me very friendly. Case in point: Today I'm walking upstairs in our building, on a floor where I know very few people. I walk by this man. He yells, "hey!" (I've already passed him and continued to the other side of the office. He yells it again, and again. Then proceeds to tell me how I need to look at people when I'm walking. And blah, blah, blah I can't hear because I'm 87, and I've already tuned you out sir, have a nice day. :]

The End.

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