Thursday, September 1, 2011


I really love the television show, "Mad Men"
I could watch it on Netflix all day, but since I have a job, and I go to the gym, and sometimes a social life (okay, not the last part) I try to limit my intake. I do not watch the current episodes as it is a new obsession. These are the reasons why I love this show more than anything else (except maybe Parenthood and Golden Girls):


I know that you can not tell in this photo, but I love the giant offices with REAL desks made of wood. Desks and cubicles in my office, or any that I have ever worked in, generally not real wood, and hideous. Also, to have a cocktail cupboard, tray, whatever you want to call it, in your office, to drink from time to time, just seems so adult and luxurious. Glamorous even.


The simple advertising. I hate today's advertising. Everything has to come with all you would ever need, including the kitchen sink, and if it doesn't come with it, it better do it. It better clean, sanitize, dust, mop, sweep, etc. with no effort on my part. I just like a much simpler time.


These ladies. I love the secretaries. I love the way they dress, their hair, that they actually dress well for work (yes, I know I am guilty of the jeans and t-shirt days) but look at how classy and put together they all look. Not to mention, they look attractive. They look like men would want to be around them.


Housewives. This picture, no joke, is kind of what I imagined it'd be like when I grow up. I know that is totally crazy, but its true. I love that style dress, as well.


This bathroom. I love the blue and pink. I love the tile and the wallpaper. I would love to buy a really old house with classic designs like this. It is so outlandish, but classic, at the same time. Love it. Oh, and Don Draper is pretty smokin'.


Joan Holloway. Umm... what I would do to reign in my curves so I looked like that. I've always wanted to be a redhead, as well. I love her character, her clothes, etc. And that pen necklace. Love, love, love.

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