Saturday, April 16, 2011

Carlsbad on a Saturday

This is what Chris and I did today. First, the gym, we sweat our butts off. Then off to Carlsbad for lunch and a wonderful sun-shiny day. Oh, and my first sunburn of 2011; however, when it goes from red to brown, which it will, it should fill in where I have my farmers tan from last summer at the Orioles game. Woo hoo!

The start of our LONG walk. It did feel good though. Way up by that light were some guys playing hacky sack. Sadly, no photos of those gentlemen.

This is me doing what I do best, being bratty and obnoxious. See the face and the hair (maybe not it is my "pocahontas hair") and the sunglasses? All that makes me a brat.

These are a couple beach shots. Isn't it a beautiful day? It was awesome. Nice and hot and breezy and sunny.

This Chris on the rocks. It is the spot he really wanted to go to. And when we got on the rocks, we found a few furry friends.... SQUIRRELS This was our wonderful beachy day. Now we are borth tired, relaxed, sunburned, and have our happy pants on.

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